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8 Places That Will Bring Your French Class to Life

We know that teaching a foreign language involves a lot more than reciting words from a textbook. For you, to teach is to inspire, to expose your students to new experiences and ignite a passion for learning. While the classroom may serve as the starting point for educational exploration, there is also plenty to be discovered outside of it.

As a French teacher, you understand that students need to practice their language skills in real life scenarios – asking for directions, ordering food, and having conversations with native speakers. After sparking their curiosity in the classroom, the next step is to build their confidence outside of it. Here are 8 places that will help bring your French classroom to life.

View of Paris

Jorge Quinteros/Via Flickr

Paris, oh Paris. Where to begin? Perhaps with the Louvre … no, the Eiffel Tower… maybe Notre Dame? Each Parisian landmark is more spectacular and iconic than the next. While you can learn about these sites in textbooks, or see them in films, nothing quite compares to experiencing the City of Lights first hand.


Miguel Ángel García./Via Flickr

Beautiful beaches, traditional outdoor cafes, and a vibe that screams “I’m on island time.” You must be in Biarritz. But this Basque coast beach town has much more to it than waves and sand. Balance beach relaxation with cultural immersion in one of the biggest seafood cuisine hubs in France.

Versailles- 8 ways

Jason/Via Flickr

Palace of Versailles – Versailles, France  
With a history as grand as its appearance, a trip to the Palace of Versailles is a mandatory item on any travel bucket list! As your students gaze at the Hall of Mirrors and stroll through the winding paths of the Garden of Eden, they’ll learn how the Palace came to be and the role it played in the French Revolution.

Sugar Shack- 8 ways

U.S. Department of Agriculture/Via Flickr

Sugar Shack Dinner – Quebec, Canada
Well, it certainly won’t be difficult to get your students excited about this one. Lucky for them, attending a Sugar Shack (where fresh maple syrup is made) is a staple French Canadian experience. But it’s not just about the syrup! Visiting the farm includes enjoying traditional song and dance and tasting cuisine that’s flavored with the purest maple syrup out there.

Cours Saleya

christian teillas/Via Flickr

Cours Saleya – Nice, France
Located in the heart of Nice, the Cours Saleya Market is the pulse of this French beach town. Passing by booths filled with everything from exotic fruits to a local vendor’s homemade bread, your students will blend in with the locals. Interacting with locals will provide the perfect opportunity to practice their French in a real-world setting!

Pont du Gar 8 ways

Fr Maxim Massalitin/Via Flickr

Pont du Gard  
Give your students a taste of the French countryside and its history with a visit to the Pont du Gard. Built in 60 AD, this ancient aqueduct is the poster child for ancient Roman architecture. The three-level masterfully planned structure will open your students’ eyes to the advanced building techniques of the Romans.

Mont St. Michel

Krzysztof Belczyński/Via Flickr

Mont St-Michel
Like a snow globe without the snow, the Mont St-Michel seems to be in a world of its own. Your students will travel back in time when they journey out to the grounds of this medieval castle at the mouth of the Couesnon River. As a survivor of the Norman invasions, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a symbol of French history and strength during World War II.

Old Town Montreak- 8 Ways

mark.watmough/Via Flickr

Old Montreal
Montreal is recognized as one of the most progressive and forward cities in North America, but it is also one of the oldest. Walking down cobblestone roads, your students will pass by street performers, old brick cathedrals and maybe even a few horse-drawn carriages!

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