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All the apps you need on tour and how to use them

The beauty of an EF tour is that so much is already taken care of for you. The itinerary is action-packed. The transportation is pre-planned. The tour guides appear in front of you at the perfect times to share pearl after pearl of wisdom.

But with the right set of apps, your phone can help take your tour to the next level. Now, for the record, we firmly believe you should keep your attention focused on all the new experiences around you. There is a place for your phone on tour, though. Below you’ll find a list of apps that can come in super handy while you’re traveling. You might see some surprising suggestions or even a surprising way to think about apps you’ve already got.


01 / Packing app

Our suggestion: PackPoint
Use it to: Pack the perfect bag
Why we like it: Before departing, you’ll definitely want to take a look at our packing advice. But apps like PackPoint take things even a step further. Enter a few key pieces of info (like location, dates, and pre-planned activities) and it will generate a packing list customized for the terrain and weather that are waiting at your destination. Whether you’re a big-time planner or a last-minute scrambler, it will take the headaches out of packing your bag.



02 / Currency converter

Our suggestion: XE
Use it to: Understand exactly how much you’re spending
Why we like it: Money management is crucial when you’re abroad. You want to make sure you’re getting a good deal on anything you buy and, most importantly, make sure your money lasts until the end of the trip. Doing the math on currency conversions can be exhausting…so let technology do it for you! They take the guesswork out of transactions and allow you to focus on trying exciting new foods or getting the perfect souvenir.



03 / Data-free maps

Our suggestion:
Use it to: Get the lay of the land
Why we like it: Being aware of your surroundings is really the best travel tip out there. Knowing where you are, where you’re going, and how to get there is something that should always be near the top of your mind. But whatever map app you rely on at home probably won’t work without data. So when you’re on tour, data-free maps can be a huge help. With an app like, you can download maps of your destination and pull them up at any time—without having to worry about data or a wi-fi connection.


04 / Translator

Our suggestion: Google Translate
Use it to: Understand your surroundings
Why we like it: It’s always good to learn some key phrases in the language spoken at your destination. But while they’re certainly polite, hello, goodbye, please, and thank you can only take you so far. Translation apps can help you get past the pleasantries and go deeper into a conversation with locals you meet on tour. It can also help you navigate other things you’ll encounter over and over on tour, like deciphering a menu, understanding public transit, and browsing at local shops.


05 / Communication app

Our suggestion: WhatsApp
Use it to: Stay in touch
Why we like it: International data plans can be pricey, even if you won’t be away from home for that long. Once you arrive at your destination, you’re going to want to fully immerse yourself…but you still might want to check in back home here and there. As long as you’re connected to wi-fi, international messaging apps let you text someone without worrying about extra fees (just make sure anyone back home downloads the app, too).


06 / Photo editor

Our suggestion: Tezza
Use it to: Crystallize your memories
Why we like it: The camera is going to be the most used app on your trip. That’s so obvious that we didn’t even bother putting it on this list. To give your photos an extra sense of personalization, download an editing app like Tezza. You can add a filter that perfectly captures the mood, create city-specific collages, adjust lighting to make a not-quite-perfect shot shine and so much more.


07 / Video editor

Our suggestion: CapCut
Use it to: Give your trip a cinematic spin
Why we like it: Everything we said about photo editing applies here, too. Snapshots are great, but videos can tell an even richer story of your trip. Apps like CapCut make editing easy, even if this is your very first time giving it a try.

A unique way to use standard apps

No doubt you’ve already got plenty of apps just sitting there on your phone. Whether they’re in the daily rotation or buried deep in a folder on page three, a fresh perspective on these apps can make them super useful on tour.

Voice memos

Whether it’s Flamenco dancers in Spain or a street car rumbling through Prague, record noises around you to create an audio scrapbook. You can even add commentary of your very own. Pull up recordings at home to be instantly transported back to your tour.

Music app

Going on tour sometimes feels like your very own movie. All it needs is a soundtrack. Create a playlist before departure (and add a few favorites from your destination) to set the perfect mood. Just be sure to download it for data-free listening.

Health app

Days on tour are full of adventure. Emphasis on full. While giving your feet some well-deserved rest at the end of the day, pull up your phone’s health app to see how many steps you’ve taken. The number could be just as impressive as some of the monuments you saw that day.

Looking for more tips to travel like a pro?

We’ve got you covered. Our blog is full of articles designed to help you feel fully confident as you get ready to depart, even if it’s your very first time away from home.

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