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Partner Spotlight: The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development

Meaningful service is central to Service Learning with EF. One of the ways we make sure that students’ work makes a real, sustainable impact is to partner with nonprofits and NGOs who are ingrained in the communities we serve in the Americas, Africa, and Asia. We traveled to Peru to talk to Chris from the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development about why Service Learning means so much to him.

Intrigued? Read more about EF’s approach to Service Learning, starting with meaningful service, in our three-part series.

More about Service Learning at EF
EF’s Service Learning tours are a celebration of powerful outcomes you can see, plus all the ones that you can’t. Dig into community-driven projects that matter in places that will change your students, including the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Visit to learn more about what we do, where we go, and how the students who travel with us make a meaningful, sustainable difference.

Trevor Shorb

Trevor is the Service Learning Program Manager at EF Educational Tours. He has lived, worked, and studied in El Salvador, Dominican Republic, and Spain. Despite his extensive experience in Latin America, he can’t dance salsa but still tries.

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