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Hear administrators’ perspectives on the impact of EF tours

This past fall, teachers and administrators from all over the country gathered at EF’s annual Global Education Symposium in Boston, Massachusetts. Through virtual and in-person sessions, educators and thought leaders discussed the pillars of this year’s theme, The Power of Human Connection: Building a Global Community. The main goal? To give educators a safe space to learn about how to become globally competent teachers through DEIB-focused talks and workshops. By the end of the weekend, participants left inspired to weave their new learnings into their own curricula.

While at the symposium, we spoke with several administrators, hailing everywhere from Colorado to North Carolina, and representing all levels of school and district leadership. Watch the video below to hear their thoughts on how educational travel helps students and educators grow, especially in regard to becoming active global citizens.

We need to realize that travel really is an important aspect of what we need to offer for students as they engage globally

— Dr. David Books, Magnet Coordinator from North Carolina

[Students] aren’t just limited to going to a destination. It’s also about service learning, leadership, and building that better person.

— Dr. Karen Cheser, Superintendent from Colorado

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Maddie is a copywriter at EF. She loves dissecting movies and TV shows, making playlists for every mood, staying active, and dreaming about her next trip.

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