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Educator Jason B. turns Global Rewards Points into unforgettable memories

EF’s Global Rewards Program is designed for all educators, whether they’re leading their first tour or have been traveling with us for years. High school assistant principal Jason B. learned from that experience.

Jason, who’s pictured above donning a leaf crown at an olive farm in Greece, has been leading his students on EF tours since 2011. In the time since, he’s earned (and redeemed!) thousands of Global Rewards Points through EF’s loyalty program. But when he first started, Jason had no idea what future flights, adventures, and perks were in store for him, all courtesy of his points. He certainly didn’t realize just how soon he’d be able to start using them. In fact, when Jason’s Tour Consultant first told him about EF’s Global Rewards program, he thought there must be a catch. “I remember hearing about the program, but didn’t I look into it because I didn’t think those [rewards] were attainable at the time. Now I know that adding up these points is more than attainable.”

What could be more rewarding than student travel? Rewarding yourself.

Educators (like you!) do so much for your students every day, and EF’s Global Rewards program is our way of recognizing, thanking, and celebrating you. You’ll start earning points as soon as students sign up for tour—plus, you can earn points in tons of other ways too (like referring fellow teachers to lead EF tours).

The more you travel, the faster your points add up. And the best part is, you can use your points to go on immersive trips with other travel-obsessed educators and guests, cover tour-related costs for your students, create travel scholarships, and more.

best loyalty program for travel

Jason and his students stop for a photo near historical Delphi on their trip to Greece in 2018.

The start of Jason’s journey with EF Global Rewards: Flights, friends, and fun

When Jason was a new Group Leader, he quickly learned he could take the Global Rewards Points he was already earning by leading student tours and turn them into guilt-free fun for himself. As he redeemed his points for personal plane tickets, he also found himself saying yes to more 36-hour whirlwind adventures with his friends and family. “Even though they were my points, I wasn’t spending my own cash. So I was more willing to take trips that I probably wouldn’t have taken otherwise.” Fun fact: He hasn’t paid for a plane ticket since he started partnering with EF in 2010. Experiences like Jason’s are exactly why EF created our Global Rewards program—to give educators the opportunity to have much-deserved time (and fun!) for themselves in celebration of all their hard work.

Even though they were my points, I wasn’t spending my own cash. So I was more willing to take trips that I probably wouldn’t have taken otherwise.

Piling up points and passport stamps: From Charleston to Amsterdam (and beyond)

As he led more student tours, Jason became more familiar with the program—and more sure that it is, in fact, the best loyalty program for travel. And while he loved redeeming his points for personal flights, he quickly realized his rewards could take him even further on EF-exclusive international getaways.

After all, when Jason travels the world with his students, he challenges them to step outside of their bubble, take in what’s around them, and return home with new perspectives. So Jason took his own advice and expanded his bubble even more, using his points to book a spot for him and his wife on one of EF’s trips meant just for Group Leaders and their guests. Not only did they go on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Amsterdam that they otherwise may have never taken, but they also spent it with other educators who share an appreciation for travel and experiential learning.

On this just-for-fun tour, Jason got to walk in the footsteps of a student traveler. EF planned everything for his and his wife’s travel group, from the flights to the hotel to the itinerary. (Don’t worry, the team built in plenty of free time for them to explore Amsterdam on their own, too.) Traveling on an EF tour without students for the first time allowed Jason to really absorb the life, culture, food, and history that surrounded him in a new and more personal way. “Since I’ve been traveling with EF so much, I almost forgot what it felt like to be a part of the group and not necessarily have any responsibilities.” As Jason donned headphones and settled into a self-guided tour of the Van Gogh Museum, he quickly escaped into the artist’s world and mind. With each floor came new and inspiring art, influences, and life stories, and he began to see the world through Van Gogh’s eyes. When he returned home, he had a new appreciation for the small but future-shaping moments that his students experience on an EF tour.

Jason experiencing the best loyalty program for travel

Left: Jason, his wife Hannah, and an EF staff member on their teacher-only EF trip to Amsterdam in 2019. Right: Jason teaching new Group Leaders how to travel with their students on an EF training tour to Paris in 2018.

Since I’ve been traveling with EF so much, I almost forgot what it felt like to be a part of the group and not necessarily have any responsibilities.

Today, Jason’s officially an EF Global Rewards pro: Reflecting and looking ahead

Traveling to Amsterdam helped renew Jason’s understanding of all the personal growth his travelers experience on his student tours, and motivated him to connect even more students with something out in the world greater than themselves. That’s why he has two student tours on the books: one to Japan in 2023, and another to Spain, Italy, France, and Switzerland in 2024. And of course, he’s excited that those student tours will lead to more Global Rewards Points, which will lead to more adventures.

After his trip to Amsterdam, Jason’s vowed to use his points to travel on even more exclusive EF getaways. “I will say, for the rest of my life I plan on using my points for the Group Leader trips. And as my daughter gets older, maybe we can use my points to get her to travel with us, too.” Up next, he’s in the process of planning his and his wife’s next dream vacation with EF (they have their eyes on Tel Aviv or Dubai!).

The EF loyalty program will allow you to do things and go places you didn’t think were possible as an educator. One of the best decisions of my career was partnering with EF. I’ve gained a different personal and professional perspective on life.

Jason and his wife experiencing the best loyalty program for travel

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