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EF City Facts Infographic: London, England

Did you know that London’s iconic red buses weren’t always just the color red? Different routes used to be signified by different colors. If you find yourself in this famed city and can’t seem to catch one of these buses, don’t sweat it! Rest assured that any cab driver can get you where you need to be. To pass their exams, most drivers study street names for 2-4 years!

Curious about this capital city? Take a look at EF’s London City Facts infographic to discover the real identity of Big Ben and other fun facts.

Bring this infographic to life with your students on one of EF’s school trips to England!

London Infographic



Brittany Geoffroy

Brittany is a Marketing Manager for EF Educational Tours. She loves traveling to new places, dumplings, and anything and everything related to Asia. Her favorite city in the world is Taipei. But be careful asking her about it or you may be convinced to go!

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