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EF measures impact of travel and more with new report

As an entire organization, EF seeks to be a force for good—in people’s lives, in communities, and on the planet at large.

While this report reflects the sustainability efforts of our organization globally, travelers and teachers (like you!) we partner with through EF Educational Tours and EF Explore America contribute to this positive impact of travel every day. We’re thrilled to share stories and data that show how we’re all opening the world together and why it matters through our first-ever EF Impact Report.

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Creating impact through opportunity

At EF Education First, people are at the heart of everything we do. Each day we connect people to new places and ideas, providing culturally immersive education and helping our teachers, students, and travelers discover more about themselves and their place in the world. We believe in human connection and the power it holds to change lives, which is reflected in every itinerary and program EF offers.

The places where we live, work, and travel are part of EF’s soul. With hundreds of EF offices and schools all around the world, respecting and benefitting local communities is critical. We remain committed to providing economic, social, and environmental benefits to all of the communities we interact with, and we seek to collaborate with them to support local economies and preserve local cultures.

We’ve made significant progress in the sustainability of our programs and tours by embracing eco-friendly practices, supporting local conservation efforts, and reducing and recycling waste. We are committed to continuing on this path by continually improving our operations, working with our vendors and suppliers, and leveraging our expertise in experiential education to help ensure a more sustainable and peaceful future for all.



The impact of travel

Some (of many) highlights from the report

EF Forest Initiative

The EF Forest Initiative is a project to create and conserve forests around the world. In its first year, we planted trees with Eden Reforestation Projects, a nonprofit organization that engages local communities in planting, maintaining, and guarding previously deforested areas. Since the launch of the EF Forest Initiative in 2021, local community members have planted more than seven million mangrove trees on our behalf in Kenya, Madagascar, and Mozambique.

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EF and World Animal Protection

We’re committed to respecting and promoting animal welfare as we help you explore the world. This includes identifying and avoiding inhuman tourist attractions, learning about local wildlife conservation efforts, and understanding the impacts of poaching and illegal wildlife products. We’re proud to collaborate with the nonprofit organization World Animal Protection to implement animal welfare best practices throughout all our programs worldwide.

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Impact is about more than what we do at EF. It’s who we are as an organization and the decisions each of us make every day.

Edward Hult, Ph.D., CEO of EF North America

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Our promise to travel responsibly

When you travel with us on an EF tour, know that we’re dedicated to benefitting the world—both now and for years to come.

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EF Staff

We’re a crew of lifelong learners and curious explorers who are passionate about seeing the world, both at home and abroad. Our staff includes everyone from Tour Consultants and product managers to copywriters, photographers, and Traveler Support Specialists. More than anything, though, we’re a group of EF-ers united by our belief in the awe-inspiring, perspective-shifting, life-changing impact of educational travel.