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Flamenco is extremely important to Spanish culture. Born of Indian, Moorish, Arabian, and Roma influences, the folk art encapsulates the country’s multicultural history. Plus, with its dramatic poses, colorful clothing, and passionate music, the enthralling performance is a must for anyone hoping to better understand the dynamic spirit of Spain.

EF partners with flamenco artists so students can fully immerse themselves in the powerful experience. Because while students can easily learn about flamenco in class, its passionate music, dramatic poses, and colorful clothing combine to create an energy that needs to be experienced in person.

Share the video above with your students to help them gain a deeper understanding of flamenco from one of the talented performers who’s immersed in it every day. Then, help your students experience el cante, el baile, la guitarra, las palmas, and los jaleos (or the singing, dancing, guitar playing, hand clapping, and enthusiastic shouts) for themselves on an EF tour to Spain.

A woman flamenco dancing in Spain

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David Blumer

David is a video content shooter and editor at EF Education First. After high school he traveled with EF, which ended up inspiring him to study abroad in New Zealand, and live in China for two years as an English teacher. Now, David works for the company that inspired him to travel in the first place. In his free time, you’ll find him backpacking in the wilderness, camping, swing dancing, and playing tennis.