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Fly Me There Right Now: Panama

Welcome to: Fly Me There Right Now, Panama Edition. Panama may be a small country, but the amount of history and number of must-see sights it has to offer are endless. From breathtaking beaches to world-class adventurous spots, a visit to this country will surely provide an unforgettable experience and showcase Panama’s deep-rooted sense of culture. For these reasons and countless others, Panama has earned a spot on our list of the world’s most beautiful countries.  If by some chance you still need convincing, then here are a few additional reasons to consider Panama as your next travel destination:

Casco Viejo

Take a walk through the streets of this historic district to compare and contrast old and new Panama, giving you a glimpse into the life of a local Panamanian.

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Felipe Valduga/Via Flickr

Monkey Island

See monkeys in their natural habitat during your boat ride along the Gatun lake. This is the perfect place to experience the extensive natural beauty Panama has to offer.


TravelingOtter/Via Flickr

La Calzada de Amador (Causeway) 
One of the most popular tourist attractions, the Causeway offers a beautiful skyline view of  Panama City. Fun fact: the causeway is also the bridge that connects the continent to the four small islands at the entrance to the Panama Canal.

Portobelo Ruins

Portobelo is not only one of the most scenic places in Panama, but it is also home to the ruins of the fortifications built by the Spanish.


Adam Jones/Via Flickr

Embera Indigenous Village


Mónica Mora/Via Flickr

Meet the welcoming and warm people of the Embera Indigenous Village where you will learn about their own form of government and their cultural traditions.


After it was designed by Frank Gehry, The Museum of Biodiversity is now a symbol of Panama’s architecture.


F Delventhal/Via Flickr

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