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Fly Me There Right Now: Scotland

Welcome to Fly Me There Right Now: Scotland Edition. In addition to its undeniable natural beauty, this small nation has countless reasons to be at the top of your Travel Bucket List. From iconic castles to impressive works of engineering, the contrast between medieval Old Town and the Georgian New Town in Edinburgh is a perfect example of Scotland’s urban development and unique character. Regardless of the places you choose to visit while in Scotland, you can expect to be received with a warm welcome and a strong sense of pride for Scottish heritage and culture.

Here are a few places that might just get you into the Scottish spirit for your next trip:

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

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This historic fortress has been involved in several conflicts since the 14th century, but today, this castle still holds incredible buildings and rooms such as St. Margaret’s Chapel, the Royal Palace and the Great Hall.

The Kelpies


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As a tribute to their industrial heritage, this exceptionally well-engineerd, 30m tall sculpture has attracted more than 2 million visitors to the small town of Falkirk since it opened in April of 2014.

The Scottish Parliament


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Visit one of Scotland’s masterpieces: The Scottish Parliament Building. After years of anticipation, this building was inaugurated in 2004.  Its architecture and design is meant to illustrate Scotland’s transformation into a more politically active nation.

john mcsporran/Via Flickr

Loch Katrine
Located in the center of Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, this beautiful 13km water reservoir is filled with Scottish history and legends. Explore its stunning surroundings by cruise or bike.

#Insiderfact: Loch Katrine is the main fresh water supply for the city of Glasgow.

The University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh

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As one of the oldest universities in the world, Edinburgh University was home to several notable alumni such as Charles Darwin, J.K Rowling and Alexander Graham Bell.

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