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Travel guide: interesting facts about the United Kingdom

Are you headed out on our England, Ireland, and Wales tour? Wondering what you should pack? What food you should try? How much money you should bring? Start by reading our guide below, then feel free to reach out for more advice (or just to learn some interesting facts about the United Kingdom!).

The basics

  • Weather: Fall 46–56° F |  Winter 37–45° F |  Spring 41–55° F |  Summer 55–67° F
  • Language: English
  • Currency: € Euro and Pound £
  • Cash or card: Both, but card is easiest since you’ll be changing currency
  • Exchange rate at time of travel: $1 = €.85 or £.75
  • What that really means: $20 = €17.05 or £15
  • What €1 will buy you: A pickled egg
  • € to bring per day: €30



  • Spring/summer packing list: Waterproof shoes, windbreaker, breathable clothing, cardigan
  • We wished we packed: Sunscreen and sunglasses—if the sun does come out, it never goes down
  • We wished we left behind: Tank tops and shorts—even during a heatwave, it isn’t quite warm enough
  • Fall/winter packing list: Raincoat, rain boots, comfortable walking shoes, warm sweaters, warm socks, pants, long sleeve shirts, scarf, and hat
  • We wished we packed: A warmer jacket and warmer socks
  • We wished we left behind: A huge, bulky camera
  • Advice: Bring basic clothing staples that can be reworn. It’s a little cooler, and warmer items take up a lot more room—only bring the essentials.


food headlines our interesting facts about the United Kingdom

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The food

  • Average cost of lunch: 15–20 local currency
  • Tipping: Only if there’s great service!
  • Atmosphere: Very relaxed and casual, lots of pub fare
  • The best place to have lunch: A local grocery shop in Wales, street vendor in London, and The Brazen Head in Ireland
  • You HAVE to try: Fish & chips, Irish stew, soda bread, sticky toffee pudding
  • Advice: Just try the blood pudding


beautiful landscape

Paul Morris/ via Unsplash

Everything else

  • Total spend on souvenirs: €50-75
  • Coolest thing you bought: An Irish wool sweater
  • Free time: Explore the small towns or go for a walk/hike!
  • Best cheap/free thing to do: Picnic lunch in a square or a park!
  • Advice: The best views are outside your bus window. It can be tempting to take a nap, but you’ll definitely regret missing out on the scenery.
  • Best part: Beaumaris in Wales and Bunratty Castle in Ireland

Julia Karam

Julia traveled with EF in 2015 and started in a content marketing co-op at EF Tours while in college. She has since studied abroad in Florence, Italy, traveled to 10+ countries, and now works as a Tour Consultant with EF Tours.

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