Irish Culture and History Through Song

Every March many of us gather to celebrate Irish culture and Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick – it’s so widely celebrated in fact, that it’s common to hear people say, “We’re all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.” Historically it has been recognized as a religious holiday in Ireland, but as Irish emigration flourished during the 18th and 19th centuries, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations have naturally grown throughout the world. Today, you’ll find people celebrating in cities from North America to Asia, and at the heart of many of these celebrations is Irish folk music.

Folk music is deeply rooted in Ireland’s culture. Playing a wide array of instruments such as the banjo, fiddle, tin whistle, mandolin, bodhrán and more, the Irish have used the power of song to channel their feelings of joy, hope and despair since the 17th century. Many songs have carried over from one generation to the next, forever illustrating Ireland’s unique character and powerful history.

In honor of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day we curated a Spotify playlist that helps imaginatively tell the story of Irish Americans, Ireland’s history and it’s proud culture. Log in to Spotify and hear the sounds of the Emerald Isle.

Zach Michonski

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