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Tip of the Week: Don't forget your toothbrush

Don’t forget your toothbrush … certainly a good tip. But check out the website by that name,, because there’s a whole lot of other things you don’t want to forget before your trip.

Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush is more or less the ultimate travel checklist site. It’s more than a packing list (although it’s good for that, too). You create custom lists of things to do to prepare for your trip and things to not forget to bring on your trip (like your toothbrush). Then you can receive emails reminding you of things to do. And, of course, it’s free!

We first heard about DFYT from EF Group Leader Jeremy Van Hof, who suggested it to his travelers on his group’s blog, Italy and Spain 2008. But the site is no secret. Gadling wrote about it last month, it’s twice been named Website of the Day by the BBC, and Time magazine just named it No. 7 on its list of Top 10 Websites in 2007.

A custom list is super easy to create, and it’s pretty comprehensive. It itemizes common planning tasks: in advance, two weeks before, one
week before, one day before, night before and as you leave. And it
itemizes your packing list: documents, electrical, literature/amusement, cosmetics/medication, for baby, pet stuff, clothing (female), clothing (male) and other items, plus you can add customized extra items.

DFYT is a British site, so you may see some oddly spelled words and unfamiliar phrasings, but there’s a U.S. version that works just the same. (It just doesn’t have as catchy of a URL:

Check it out and don’t forget your toothbrush!

In other packing-related news, check out these blog posts from last month: Washington Post Travel Log raved about, which urges traveling light. And Gadling had a pair of contrasting approaches: A look at what’s in the pack of Dave Lee, of; and suggestions on what not to pack from Clinton Kelly, of the TLC show What Not to Wear?

Do you have any valuable packing tips to share? Any big packing dilemmas that we might be able to solve?

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