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Student travelers: a parent's perspective

student travelers experiencing life abroadDoes educational travel really make a difference in the lives of students? Here at EF, we think so. But, as self-proclaimed travel-obsessed education fanatics, we can see how we might sound a little biased. So don’t take our word for it—take it from parents who have seen the positive impact of travel on their children firsthand. Because, as everyone knows, it’s hard for a kid to get anything past their parents. Especially when that thing is newfound confidence, broadened perspectives, or increased curiosity about the world—and their place in it. (Or unfolded laundry. Parents really have a radar for that one.)

From small steps with not-so-small impacts

“My child learned to try new foods and be open to differences.”

To big moments with even bigger outcomes

“Definitely the highlight of my son’s entire life. He learned so much about history and about the world.” 

Travel has the power to inspire change in the lives of students

“My daughter left for this trip as a good, smart, level headed American teen, but came back a much more mature, self-confident and more outwardly aware individual. We could not have asked for a better experience for her!”

Changes in perspective

“She has gained a new level of appreciation for similarities and differences found in the various cultures, geography, history and social realities of the many places she visited. She is more mature, grounded and worldly in her perspectives in just a short 10-day trip.”

Changes in plans

“My daughter now thinks she would like to live in Europe when she grows up! This experience has presented her with a newfound confidence, and I am so thankful for that gift.”

student travelers in Venice

Changes in communication

“Anyone with a teenage son knows how hard it is to get them to tell you anything. After he returned home, he spent the next two days telling me all kinds of amazing facts he learned on this trip!”

And true personal growth

“I couldn’t have imagined the impact this experience would have on my son, but he returned refreshed, smiling, and so appreciative of the culture he was immersed in. It is just the springboard he needed for the beginning of his ‘adult life,’ and I’m certain he will travel the world more thanks to this trip and the magnificent job by EF Educational Tours.”

In summary…

“My children came away with an experience that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.”

Have any lingering questions? Check out our parent page to learn more about the mind-expanding, door-opening, best-day-ever moments that student travelers experience with EF Educational Tours and EF Explore America.

Madeline Muller

Madeline is a copywriter at EF tours. She loves sitcoms, tacos, re-reading books, and befriending dogs. Her favorite city is Budapest.

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