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We asked, you answered: Student travel hacks

Q: What’s your best tip for traveling with students?

We asked veteran EF Group Leaders to share the best tricks up their sleeves (or in their obsessively organized travel binders).


I buy small travel journals for my students. Some kids create a journal as their own souvenir, and some create one for their parents as a thank-you for sending them on the trip.

–Robin S.

Expandable file folder for your backpack to keep everything handy and organized!

–Audi W.

Before you travel, start saving perfume inserts from magazines. Throw those in your suitcase and *voila* no need for liquid perfume. Helpful when you need to mask odors during long tours with limited laundry service!

–Michelle P.

I put a label with each traveler’s name on the back of their passport, which makes it easy to pass back passports when they’ve been collected for admission to attractions.

–Holly M.

I buy postcards from our hometown and give them to each traveler to write a personal note of thanks and recap their favorite tour memory for our Tour Director.

–Evangeline L.

I always offer to check one big bag that students can put anything into that doesn’t fit in their carry-on luggage. I’ve used it for everything from extra toiletries to special pillows—and even some Dr. Martens boots!

–Sarah N.

I use a small photo album to  hold a copy of each traveler’s  passport, medical information (including allergy lists), and  parent phone numbers. I also have a list of roommates in each possible combination: pairs, threes, and fours. It makes for quick check-ins at hotels.

–Carolyn B.

I buy ribbon that matches the flag of whatever country we are visiting. I cut six-inch strips for everyone, then tie them on to the handles of their suitcases. We are always able to spot one another’s luggage and never have luggage left behind!

–Amy C.

Heavy duty, two-gallon Ziploc bags can double as makeshift washing machines. Put your clothes in, add some shampoo and water, zip it shut, and mix it around.

–Sandy N.

I have students switch one  outfit with another student  juuust in case luggage does not make it to our destination. That way they will have at least two outfits until their suitcase arrives.

–Kate J.

Bring extra shoestrings. I’ve used them nearly every time I’ve traveled with students.

–Morgan B.

Duct tape, super glue, safety pins, and zip ties in your suitcase. Comes in handy for emergency luggage, sunglasses, or backpack repairs.

–Alana A.

Gold Bond powder! You walk WAY more than normal on tour and it’s especially handy when traveling in summer.

–Holli R.

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