Discover the science behind your favorite cheese

Have you ever wondered how much learning can happen in a given day? Learning opportunities are everywhere—even in cheese.

Yep, cheese. And while you may never have considered anything beyond the addictive deliciousness of cheddar, gruyère, or brie, you can learn a lot by delving into the subject—from history to science, economics to anthropology, politics to culinary arts. Ready to expand your knowledge of the world through everyone’s favorite dairy product? Here are three ways to dig in.

Listen to Gastropod’s Say Cheese episode

Did you know cheese has been around for more than 8,000 years? And can you imagine the mood in the cave when someone discovered that liquid milk had become solid food? Learn its history and origin story on this foodie podcast. Find it at

Try a cheesemaking kit from Standing Stone Farms

Blend art and science right in your kitchen. This Tennessee farm’s highly-rated cheesemaking kits include DVDs that walk you through the process, equipment, and recipes for making goat cheese, feta, mozzarella, and more. Best of all, you’ll be able to make your cheese (and eat it, too) in just a few hours. Get a kit at

Read The Life of Cheese by Heather Paxson

Cheese doesn’t just happen—someone makes it. But who, and how, and why? Those questions nagged at Paxson, an MIT anthropologist and fromage connoisseur, leading her to dig deeper into the anthro-political impact of cheesemaking. Explore her take in this book, available at

For extra credit, attend a cheesemaking demo at a working farm on our Cuisine & Culture in Northern Italy tour.

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