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Snapshots from tour (Summer 2022)

Summer might be winding down, but we heard a rumor that photos basically last forever. We’ve loved traveling the world with our EF Tours travelers, and getting the chance to check out the incredible photos of you all seeing the sights, eating the bites, and generally soaking in all of the amazing, travel-y moments on tour has been the cherry on top of our traveling sundae. And with World Photography Day on August 19, we figured, why not share these snapshots with all of you?

Dreaming of trekking through Zion National Park in Utah? Imagining ice climbing in Iceland? Exploring the charming, historic streets of Québec? Or fancy flying on a zipline through the rainforests of Costa Rica? On this World Photography Day (or really, any day you’re yearning to globetrot), indulge your wanderlust by scrolling down for a peek into some of our travelers’ virtual scrapbooks. (Fair warning: These snapshots may be so enticing that you’ll want to go on tour immediately.)

These kids have already made comments about how amazing it is to see what we’ve done in the classroom for themselves in real life. Plus, they’ve got a whole new appreciation for what they have at home and a new understanding of other parts of the world, as well.

Stephanie R., Spanish teacher

My favorite moment was eating lunch at a local abuela’s home in Alfarnatejo. We really felt like we were one with her town—we almost felt like we were part of her family. It was so sweet to see how people live and be welcomed by them.

Jillian, student

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