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Loch Ness

via Julia Karam

Scottish history is steeped in superstition with stories upon stories about monsters, faeries, and ghosts. This folklore may seem ridiculous to outsiders, but that skepticism disappears on Scottish soil. Hiding behind the layer of perpetual mist, there is something about Scotland that makes you feel like there is some truth in their tales. As you visit the shadowy graveyards in the city center or the castles that feel like their past residents still roam the halls–you start to believe. The Loch Ness cruise is no exception–Loch Ness, after all, is the place of legends. Perhaps the most famous folklore tale of all is the Loch Ness monster, a giant sea serpent that resides at the bottom of one of the deepest lakes in Scotland. But, like most other myths, belief is reserved only for children and the truly fanatical; that is until you visit the famed Loch yourself.

As you board the boat’s bottom deck, you’ll find a group of excited guides explaining the history of the loch–from the first recorded sighting of the Loch Ness monster, up until the time they swear they saw it last week. The guides take pictures with their phones. Drawing the sea creature over their view from the window while children laugh, and students steal the idea for their Snapchat stories. On the upper deck, you’ll most likely find wind and rain, but no one seems to mind. You’ll see students leaning over the edge peering into the murky water, hear girls laughing as they pose for a photo while their hair blows in their face. “Look over there” people shout over and over as someone points out a deer emerging from the trees or horses grazing on the coastline. You’ll look out at water that seems to go on forever, and you won’t be surprised at all when you find out the Loch Ness is regarded as the largest loch in Scotland. You’ll breathe in the crisp air as you stare at the water and mountains surrounding you on all sides. You’ll notice that the dull roar of commotion has reached a quiet whisper, as people sit and stare, ignoring their phones and cameras for just a minute to appreciate the sights around them.

I’ve taken boat cruises in Amsterdam, Paris, and London, but the Loch Ness cruise was by far the most memorable. As someone who spends most of their time living in the city, this cruise exposed me to sights, sounds, and a type of fresh air that I am not familiar with, but extremely grateful I have now experienced. You won’t want to miss out either.

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Julia Karam

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