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Student empowerment and why young voices matter at EF’s 2022 Summit

Part of what makes an EF Global Leadership Summit so special is the weekend’s Student Empowerment Panel. Attendees hear from peers who have made incredible accomplishments.

EF Summits combine a week-long educational tour with a global leadership conference. In July 2022, students from all over the world came together in Berlin, Germany to celebrate this year’s theme: The Impact of Sports & Wellness. They heard from industry-disrupting thought leaders, formed global connections, and tried their own hand at solving some of the world’s most pressing problems through design thinking challenges.

And at the Student Empowerment Panel, Alana Andrews and Kritika Singh discussed pivotal moments that sparked their passions, how small decisions today can turn into meaningful impact tomorrow, and the importance of young voices and minds in shaping our future. Watch the video below for highlights. ⚠️ Warning, serious inspiration fuel ahead ⚠️


Meet this year’s Student Empowerment Panelists

Portrait of student empowerment speaker Alana Andrews

Alana Andrews is the 18-year-old founder of SWEY TO PLAY, a natural modern sports drink made by Gen Z for Gen Z, and the So Positive Initiative, a program focused on building self-confidence and leadership skills within thousands of elementary and middle school students.

The panel really brought the idea of changing the world into fruition. Alana was so motivational and eloquent, and it was really inspiring to hear from someone who has similar values to me.

Maia W., student from Colorado who attended the panel

Portrait of student empowerment speaker Kritika Singh

At 16 years old, Kritika Singh founded Malaria Free World, a nonprofit organization devoted to raising awareness for malaria research. She’s now a joint PhD student at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford and the National Cancer Institute within the National Institute of Health in Washington, D.C.

I really liked Kritika’s idea of ‘fail fast, fail often.’ It’s really cool to see failure framed as being an achievement, and even if I didn’t do something right, that means I’m one step closer to actually doing it. It helps put a positive twist on life.

Kenna M., student from Colorado who attended the panel

student empowerment panel attendees

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