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Students Respond to “How Does Traveling Abroad Impact Your Language Learning?”

We all know that traveling abroad helps develop our language learning. But eventually when our trip ends, and we’re back in an English speaking environment, the questions remains—how does a short-term travel abroad experience accelerate language skills and foster a long-term interest?

Travel and Language

Instead of us telling you, we called on a few of our student travelers who have recently traveled abroad. Here’s what they had to say in their essay and video responses.

Talia W., age 17, Ohio – Traveled to France
“Going to France…was an absolutely incredible experience that I want to share with anyone who is willing to listen. While there, we were able to fully live in French culture, use our language skills, interact with natives, and learn French history. My knowledge of the French language skyrocketed in just ten days abroad, and everyone who came with me would say the same thing. My tour was a hands-on environment language teachers can’t replicate in the classroom, and because it was so unique, I truly believe that I benefited from this.”

Alex P., age 19, California – Traveled to France
“My trip to Paris and Nice completely changed who I am and everything I believe in. After the trip, I longed every day to go back and now being in college, I’m practicing my French and hoping to get into a program where I can teach English to French children in France.”

Yasmine D., age 17, Illinois – Traveled to Costa Rica
“The trip was a huge surprise. I went in with the mindset of tanning and going to the beach every day, and when we arrived I was shocked. I felt like the trip was going to be boring, and later on during the first night, my perspective completely changed. I grew a closer bond with my classmates, made new friends from North Carolina, learned about the culture of Costa Rican people, and grew as an individual. I learned to have more pride in my roots, and confidence with my Spanish. It was seriously the time of my life, and gave me so much more than any regular ‘Spanish class lesson’ in school could ever provide me with.”

Taylor D., age 17, New York – Traveled to Spain
“As a sophomore I traveled to Barcelona, Spain with my high school. Before arriving, I didn’t know what to expect. In Barcelona, I got to see a different way of living. Although the culture in Spain was different than what I’m used to, I was also able to see how in the end, no matter how different the lifestyle, all we want as people, is happiness.”


Language Immersion
To learn a new language, it helps to fall in love with where it’s from. Our Language Immersion Tours make both happen by combining authentic cultural experiences with interactive lessons taught at EF International Language Schools or out on the road. Each day has a theme—like art, history or food—that connects the day’s lesson to hands-on activities and conversations with locals. Your students’ fluency expands along with their confidence and passion for the language.




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