Super Bowl Sunday Dips Around the World

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or athletically illiterate, Super Bowl Sunday is an event we all look forward to. Who can turn down spending an afternoon with friends and family watching America’s favorite sport? Even if the game doesn’t quite do it for you, the Super Bowl offers plenty of alternative entertainment: hilarious commercials, over-the-top half time shows, and crazy uncles screaming at the TV. Or, if you’re anything like me, the most exciting part of a Super Bowl party is the guaranteed smorgasbord of delicious food.

While the mini hot-dogs and cookies are staple additions to the Super Bowl table, everyone knows that the most important part of the feast is the chips and dip. You can expect the basics: salsa, queso, guac (which, ironically, are not American). These classic dips really never get old. But as chip and dip fanatics ourselves, we couldn’t help but broaden our horizons beyond the classics.IMG_0497 We sampled a few dips from around the world (with the exception of one of our favorite American recipes). Some were cheesy, some were spicy, but all of them were incredibly delicious. So if you’re looking to give your Super Bowl party a bit of an international twist, check out these foreign dip recipes:

Peppadew Dip – South Africa
Judging by how quickly the bowl cleared out, this one was the fan favorite. What set this dip apart from all the others? It had to be the unique contrast of sweet and spicy. The peppers combined with the creamy mayo-base, created an explosion of flavors suitable for dip lovers of all kinds. If you do decide to make this delicious dip, consider this a warning: you will be going back in for seconds, thirds, fourths…IMG_0507Recommended chip: pita chips

– Mayonnaise
– Crushed red peppercorns
– Pickled sweet red cherry peppers
– Chopped cilantro
– Lime juice

Guasacaca – Venezuela
While this dip may look like your typical guacamole, the taste couldn’t be farther from average. This Venezuelan classic is usually served with arepas (corn pancakes), but also makes a great dip for the chip of your choice. Similar to guacamole, this recipe’s main ingredient is the avocado. But guasacaca distinguishes itself from guac with its vinegar and parsley undertones and a South American kick. Even if you’re not up to try it, at least try saying Guasacaca out loud, ten times, really quickly.IMG_0504Recommended chip: tortilla chips

– Mashed avocado
– Chopped white onion
– Chopped green pepper
– Chopped green onion
– Red wine vinegar
– Olive oil
– Black pepper
– Salt
– Lime juice
– Chopped parsley

Gribi v Smetane – Russia
If you’re a mushroom lover looking for a dip to satisfy your cravings, look no further. The mushroom is a staple ingredient in many Russian dishes, and this dip is no exception. In this recipe, the mushrooms are complimented by a creamy blend of cheese and sour cream, featuring some onions and garlic for flavor. If you show up to Super Bowl Sunday with this dip, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be the most popular person at the party. Unless someone is allergic to mushrooms – that wouldn’t be good – so you should probably check on that first.IMG_0505Recommended chip: pita chips

– Fresh mushrooms
– Butter
– Olive oil
– Chopped onion
– Chopped garlic
– Salt
– Black pepper
– Whole wheat flour
– Sour cream
– Shredded cheese
– Chopped dill

Ezme – Turkey
This traditional Turkish cuisine is usually served as a side dish to kebabs, but in our opinion, it tastes good with just about anything. This salsa-type dip combines multiple ingredients to make a deliciously spicy medley of flavors.IMG_0501Recommended chip: baguette chips

– Chopped tomatoes
– Chopped onion
– Chopped garlic
– Chopped chili peppers
– Parsley
– Lemon juice
– Pomegranate molasses
– Pepper paste
– Olive oil
– Salt
– Chili powder
– Sumac
– Dried mint

Buffalo Chicken – United States of America
Pizza, mac and cheese, sandwiches – buffalo chicken looks good on just about anything. But arguably one of the best buffalo chicken variations would have to come in the form of a dip. Whether you make it smooth or chunky, spicy or mild, you really can’t go wrong with this one. As much as we love introducing our taste buds to some new foreign dishes, we couldn’t resist this American classic!IMG_0502Recommended chip: anything goes

– Shredded chicken
– Softened cream cheese
– Ranch or blue cheese dressing
– Buffalo hot sauce
– Shredded cheese

So when you head out to your Super Bowl party this weekend, try putting an international spin on one of America’s most beloved events! Try out one of our foreign dip recipes, or try them all – you can never have too much chips and dip! Be sure to share your photos with us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook! From everyone here at EF Educational Tours and EF Explore America, enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!

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