An illustrative collage of a take-out coffee cup and photo of Richard M., from Texas who shares his most memorable teaching moments from his six EF tours.

Group Leader coffee break

Talking sunrises, dancing in museums, and most memorable teaching moments with Richard M.

As an EF Group Leader, you’re part of a community of educators dedicated to connecting students with the world around them. As awesome people (with a shared awesome mission) it only makes sense for you to connect with one another, too. So, whether you’re sipping a cappuccino in Italy, a hot cafezinho in Brazil, or a to-go cup o’ Joe in the USA, use this well-deserved coffee break as a chance to get to know one of your fellow leaders even better and learn about some of their most memorable teaching moments on tour.

This month, we chatted with Richard M., a high school librarian from Texas who describes his travel style as calm, cool, and collected.

3 quick sips from your latest tour, Capitals of Scandinavia

Favorite moment?

Tie between singing and dancing our way through the ABBA museum and stopping to see moose at a farm on our drive from Copenhagen to Stockholm.

Best thing you ate?

Swedish meatballs, of course.

Favorite unexpected experience?

The Vasa Museum. Didn’t know anything about it going in and could have gladly spent hours there.

An artistic collage of Richard M. and his chaperones at the ABBA Museum and a large Viking ship from the Vasa Museum, two of Richard's most memorable teaching moments.

Most memorable teaching moment from any tour?

On the last day of my first tour, Essence of Europe, we were boarding the bus to head to the airport. As we sat down, the two students seated behind me burst into tears. They were so sad to leave. These trips make such a big difference, and I experienced it firsthand at that moment.

Top small moment from any tour?

A single moment just would not do it justice. Singing and laughing on the bus; doing laundry in Florence, falling in the mud in Switzerland, watching the sunrise from a ferry on the Mediterranean. They seem mundane, like they should be the least memorable. But those are the times we reminisce about, the times that are imprinted on our hearts.

Three ways travel has helped you grow as an educator:

1: Understanding

Being far more understanding of my non-English speaking students.

2: Integration

Incorporating destinations we will visit into my lessons.

3: Helpful

Letting my former travelers know they always have a place to turn for help.

A collage of photos from Richard's travels, encompassing some of his most memorable teaching moments.

Best tour planning advice for first-time Group Leaders?

You cannot over-plan. It is not possible. Plan and then plan some more.  When you think you’re done, do a little more planning. When you leave, all that pre-planning allows you to step back and enjoy the trip.


Your favorite Global Rewards perk or experience: 

My trip to Hawaii, via Global Rewards Points, was a view of utopia. Heaven on earth that I cannot wait to visit again.

An on-tour student story that will always stay with you?

On our first trip, we arrived in Munster, France late. We were tired, and because it was a Sunday, there wasn’t much to do. My students decided a night at the hotel just wouldn’t do. So, they organized a dance on the street in front of the hotel. My twin daughters were on that trip. One of my girls is fairly quiet, and unlikely to step out of her comfort zone. But as darkness fell that night, she embraced the spirit of the trip and danced with abandon. The memory of her swing dancing on the streets of France, eyes shining with merriment, is the memory that comes to mind when you ask me about EF. Yes, partially because it’s my own daughter. But I’ve seen the same thing play out with other students during pick-up soccer games in Barcelona, hide-and-seek in Nice, and fireworks in Switzerland.

A post-tour student story that makes you proud?

One of my daughters was inspired by her two EF trips in high school. As soon as she graduated college, she moved to Spain where she teaches English. That decision can be traced directly to her EF experience.

Richard and his group pose for a shot in Monaco, the location of some of his most memorable teaching moments.

1/5 Richard, front and center, with his group in Monaco.

A most memorable teaching moment: Richard and some chaperones posing at Park Guell in Barcelona.

2/5 Along with some chaperones, Richard enjoys the views from Park Guell in Barcelona.

Students on a boat in Venice, particularly picturesque for one of Richard's most memorable teaching moments.

3/5 All smiles on the boat ride to Venice.

Richard's students take in one of his most memorable teaching moments in front of La Sagrada Familia.

4/5 Students posing in front of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Richard's trip through Scandinavia provided some of his most memorable teaching moments, including this group photo in Oslo.

5/5 A group shot in front of Vigeland Park in Oslo.

1/5 Richard, front and center, with his group in Monaco.

2/5 Along with some chaperones, Richard enjoys the views from Park Guell in Barcelona.

3/5 All smiles on the boat ride to Venice.

4/5 Students posing in front of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

5/5 A group shot in front of Vigeland Park in Oslo.

The number one thing you hope you, your students, or your community get out of educational travel?

I hope they gain an understanding of their place in our global society. I hope they gain the knowledge that we are a small part of this planet, and that our part is not so different than those who live far from our homes.

Since this is a coffee break, where in the world have you had the best coffee?

Meteora, Greece

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Jake Minton

Jake is a copywriter at EF. His bucket list includes (but is by no means limited to) snowboarding in Japan, exploring the streets of Nairobi, and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.

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