There Is More to Panama Than Just the Canal

Panama is a hidden gem in Central America most famous for the Panama Canal, an engineering marvel which connects the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic through a series of locks. There is so much more to Panama than the canal, this Latin American country is rich with both culture and history. Here are 6 reasons to make Panama your next EF Tour.


Tom Mussak/Via Unsplash

  1. Panama is easy to get to. Located at the crossroads of Central and South America, it is only a 4-hour plane ride from Houston and 2.5 hours from Miami. Most major airlines have flights to Panama now, making it the perfect time to go!
  2. The official currency is the US Dollar, often referred to as Balboa, so no need to exchange money before you leave! Panama’s coins are made by the US Mint, and you can use your US coins and bills anywhere and everywhere.
  3. The Isthmus of Panama is a small country with a big history to tell. Once underwater, Panama now forms the land bridge between North and South America. You can walk the historic streets of Casco Viejo or sail the high seas learning about famous pirates and the forts they attacked. Panama once was used by the Spanish to transport gold from Peru back to Spain making it a popular target for pirates like Henry Morgan!
  4. The culture of Panama is rich with music and dance. The traditional Panamanian food is delicious, but there are also a wide variety of other cuisines from around the world, all thanks to the melting-pot of nationalities and cultures, all who call Panama home.
  5. Panama is a playground for adventure. Where else can you see both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean in the same day? Go snorkeling off the coast of Portobelo or explore hiking trails in El Valle de Antón. Panama will bring out the adventurer in anyone!
  6. Located just north of the equator, Panama’s climate is beautiful year round. Whether canoeing on the Rio Chagres, visiting Monkey Island, or exploring the Amador Causeway, Mother Nature is on your side!

It’s easy to fall in love with this hidden gem of Central America. So what are you waiting for? Check out our Panama Tours today!

Kay K.

Kay is a Middle School Spanish World Cultures Teacher. She first traveled with EF to Costa Rica in 2009 and has been leading student groups every Summer since. Kay believes that students should experience travel to help broaden their perspectives and allow them to see firsthand how tolerant, global and open-minded we should all strive to become.

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