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Top 5 Must-see, Do, Try: NYC Edition

Nicknamed “The City that Never Sleeps,” NYC is full of excursions fit for any type of explorer. If you are looking for activities to fill free time offered on your tour to New York City, below are some suggestions we recommend you consider!

Seaglass Carousel

Seaglass Carousel

Wally Gobetz/Via Flickr

Located in Battery Park, this stunning carousel is comprised of thirty custom-designed sea glass seats representing an eclectic mix of ocean fish. From Angelfish to Red-lined Butterfly fish, each replica is brought to life by color-changing LED lights meant to mimic the bioluminescence found deep in the ocean.

*During the winter, this carousel is open every Saturday and Sunday (whether pending) from 11-7 pm and also on all NYC Public School Holidays. Tickets are $5.

Grand Central Terminal Whispering Gallery

Did you know that the iconic Grand Central Terminal has a little secret? To see what we mean, pick an archway outside the Oyster Bar & Restaurant and have a friend stand at an archway diagonal to you. Try having a conversation in whispers only and prepare to be amazed at how clearly you will hear one another.

According to experts, the sound waves from your whisper follow the curve of the domed ceiling, amplifying even the smallest murmur. No one is sure whether the creation of the Whispering Gallery was intentional or not, but it sure makes for a fun surprise!

Chelsea Market

Alexandra Marshall/Via Flickr

Chelsea Market

With more than thirty-five food vendors selling anything from lasagna to sushi, the Chelsea Market is one of the greatest food halls in the world. Considered a neighborhood market with a global perspective, a walk through this market is sure to leave you feeling full to the brim with delicious food from across the world. Not hungry? There’s also an artists’ flea market with over thirty independent makers and collectors.

*This market is just a ten-minute train ride away from Greenwich Village and it’s open Monday-Saturday from 7 am- 9 pm and Sundays from 8 am-8 pm. Individual shop hours may vary, so be sure to double check the hours ahead of time if you have a certain shop in mind.

The High Line

Just a five-minute walk from the Chelsea Market, the High Line is a 1.5 mile-long park built on an elevated section of old railroad track from the 1930s. After the last train ran in 1980, property owners wanted to demolish it, but the public protested to keep it open. Later, a design team paired up with a plant designer and turned the area into a beautiful park offering a stunning view of the New York skyline.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Dave Pinter/Via Flickr

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is 52 acres of arguably the best urban gardening in New York. Get a break from the urban jungle of the city and spend a day connecting with the world of botany.

*Winter Hours are Tuesday-Sunday: 10 am – 4:30 pm, and admission is $12 for adults and $6 for students if you can show a valid ID.

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