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Top 6 Tips for Packing Like a Pro

Ever found yourself desperately stuffing your bag with a random set of clothes a few hours before dashing off to the airport? How about spending weeks packing and pondering which pair of shoes you’ll be able to wear with those jean shorts? Yes, packing can be frustrating and make you pull out your hair or break out in a sweat, but it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why we put together a list of top tips to get you packing like a boss!

Roll and roll some more
Try to travel with a small suitcase with wheels only, and remember to roll your clothes instead of folding. It actually saves a lot of space and helps you avoid wrinkles. For little bits and pieces like jewelry and toothbrushes, use disposable plastic gloves for storage; it keeps everything separate, organized and clean.

Shower like a local
To pack lighter and get through security faster with your carry-on, leave the big shampoo bottles and lotions at home; if your accommodation doesn’t provide them (or your friend isn’t willing to share), pop down to the local pharmacy or supermarket to stock up.

Start with the staples
Always start with the staples and make sure you have the basics covered: bring your passport, debit and credit cards, phone & chargers, headphones, gum, tissues, and Band-Aids. Then move onto things like your favorite shoes if you have space!

Carry on and keep it light
Pack everything up the night before and more importantly, keep it light! Make the whole process easier by picking outfits and pieces of clothing you’re wearing a lot at the time instead of rummaging through your entire wardrobe.

It’s all in the prep
Prepare carefully so you’ll only carry what you’ll wear. Start by identifying your essentials like running shoes, swimwear (if it’s warm out!), sunglasses and a book. Then move on to outfits that will cover the things you’ll do on your trip, and see how much overlap there is between items. If you’re not a last minute packer, spend a few days re-evaluating everything and fighting the temptation to stuff that bag with items you know you won’t wear.

Always have a back-up
Although it’s better to travel with carry-on only, if you do need to pack a larger suitcase, always bring along an emergency change of clothes in your carry-on. This is great for those times where you’re stuck in your destination for a day or two without your bag.

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