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Transformational travel stories with EF’s Outbound podcast

At EF Education First, we know the power of exploring new places and new cultures. These experiences can push you beyond your comfort zone, connect you to new people, and help create a more open world.

EF Outbound is a podcast from EF Education First featuring transformative travel stories that defy our expectations, challenge our assumptions, and teach us about the world and our place in it.

With 29 episodes to enjoy, you can send the whole list to your students, or pick out a few of your favorites and lead a class discussion about them. However you use the podcast, we hope these episodes offer a chance to dream a little about your future travel plans and continue to deepen your students’ desire to explore their world.

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Claudia Mihm

Claudia is a product owner on EF’s Emerging Tech team, which means driving innovation (the super-fast, all-in, “let’s build something awesome” kind) is a huge part of her job. She’s an educator at heart, too, with experience teaching young kids to code and building curriculum around different tech tools. Her favorite EF travel experience was visiting Davos, Switzerland to take in our Global Leadership Summit alongside students and teachers from around the world.

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