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Travel guide: China


Are you headed out on our tours of China? Wondering what you should pack, what food you should try, or how much money you should bring with you? We’ve got you covered!

The Basics 

Weather: Spring: 46–68°F | Summer: 86–100°F | Fall: 45–70°F | Winter: 35–50°F  

Language(s): Mandarin Chinese, Uyghur, and Standard Mandarin 

Currency: Yuan 

Cash or card: Cash is easier

Exchange rate at time of travel: $1 USD = 6.95 Chinese Yuan  

What that really means: $20 USD = 138.93 Chinese Yuan 

What two Chinese Yuan will buy you: Rice and/or flour  

Money to bring per day: $50 USD or 338 Chinese Yuan

Packing tips

Spring/Summer packing list: Breathable shirts, shorts, sunscreen, sneakers, and a hat  

What we wish we packed: An umbrella, baby powder, flowy clothes  

Fall/Winter packing list: Fleece jacket, long sleeve shirts for layering, and boots 

What we wish we packed: A reusable water bottle that can hold heat, and wool socks  

Our advice: Bring noise-cancelling headphones, a good camera, travel-size hand sanitizer, and tissues/toilet paper for public restrooms

Victor Mui/ via Unsplash

The food 

Average cost of lunch: $6.50 USD or 40 Chinese Yuan for a full meal  

Tipping: While it is customary to tip a tour guide, driver, or hotel bellboy, it is not the norm to leave tips at local restaurants

Atmosphere: Restaurants are crowded and noisy—the busier it is, the better the food!   

Food you HAVE to try: Meigancai (Dry pickled mustard greens), hairy crab, and xiao long bao (soup dumplings)

Additional advice before you go

Suggested spending money for souvenirs: About $150 USD or 1,041.40 Chinese Yuan 

Coolest thing to bring back home: Jade earrings

Free time idea: Explore the local markets 

Highlight of the trip: Standing on the Great Wall, knowing its complex history

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