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Travel guide: Quebec

Are you headed out on one of our tours of Quebec? Wondering what you should pack? What food you should try? How much money you should bring with you? We’ve got you covered! 

The basics 

Weather: Spring: 50–60°F | Summer: 70–85°F | Fall: 40–65°F | Winter: 0–15°F  

Language(s): French and English 

Currency: Canadian Dollar 

Cash or card: Either is fine! 

Exchange rate at time of travel: $1 USD = $1.32 Canadian Dollars  

What that really means: $20 USD = $26.40 Canadian Dollars  

What $1 will buy you: A bagel—Canada’s may rival NYC’s!

Money to bring per day: $40 USD or $54 Canadian Dollars

Packing tips

Spring/Summer packing list: Light t-shirts or tank tops, comfortable sandals, sunscreen 

What we wish we packed: A light cardigan or jacket for those chilly summer nights 

Fall/Winter packing list: Heavy jacket, gloves, hat, scarf—anything to bundle up! 

What we wish we packed: Tall boots (preferably waterproof).

And if you have extra room in your suitcase, pack: Hand warmers and thick socks if you’re traveling there in the winter!


Melanie K Reed Photography/ via Flickr

The food 

Average cost of lunch: $12 USD or $15.84 Canadian dollars for a full meal 

Tipping: It’s customary to tip 15–20% on the total bill (before tax) at a restaurant.  

Atmosphere: You can find the environment that’s right for you—restaurants vary from lively and crowded to quiet and quaint.

Food you HAVE to try: Poutine (French fries in gravy) and tarte au sucre (a traditional sugar pie).

maple syrup

Caribb/ via Flickr

Additional advice before you go

Suggested spending money for souvenirs: About $100 USD or $138 Canadian Dollars 

Coolest thing to bring back home: Canadian maple syrup 

Free time idea: Explore the Quebec Ice Hotel 



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