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Travel guide: Spain

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Are you headed out on one of our school trips to Spain? Wondering what you should pack? What food you should try? Or how much money you should bring with you? We’ve got you covered!

The Basics

Weather: Fall: 55-73° F | Winter: 41-57° F |  Spring: 50-65° F |  Summer: 70-82° F

Language(s): Spanish

Currency: Euro €

Cash or card: Cash

Exchange Rate: $1 = €.85

What that really means: $20 = €17

What €1 will buy you: A fan!

€ to bring per day: €20


Spring/Summer Packing List: Sandals, sneakers, light jacket, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen

We wish we packed: Something to cover your shoulders when you go into churches!

We wish we left behind: Super casual clothing. The fashion in Spain is more formal and conservative.

Fall/Winter Packing List: Sneakers, boots, umbrella, warm jacket, layers, thin sweaters

We wish we packed: A scarf and waterproof shoes

We wish we left behind: A heavy winter coat.

Packing tips: Check the weather before you leave and decide if you need a raincoat.


Kathryn/ via Flickr

The Food

Average cost of lunch: €10-€15

Tipping: Just round up to the nearest 5 or 10.

Atmosphere: Relaxed–lots of cafes and outdoor seating.

You HAVE to try: Tapas, paella, churros, octopus, Spanish tortilla

Advice: Service is not like the US. You can sit there for hours without a server noticing you. Be assertive and call the waiter over, especially when you want the bill.

Spanish Dancing

Everything Else

Total spend on souvenirs: €40-€60

Coolest thing you bought: Mosaic art, watercolor painting of the Royal Palace, patterned pants from a market

Free time: Eat–take advantage of lunch time to relax and try new things.

Best cheap/free thing to do: Many cities have churches or towers that you can climb to the top of for free or a small fee. This is how to find the best views of each city!

Hidden Gems: Keep an eye out for tapas restaurants in cellars or rooftop restaurants!

Best Part: The Flamenco dancing demonstration.

Advice: Try your best to use as much Spanish as possible–people know what you are trying to say even if it isn’t the right tense! They appreciate you trying.

Julia Karam

Julia traveled with EF in 2015 and started in a content marketing co-op at EF Tours while in college. She has since studied abroad in Florence, Italy, traveled to 10+ countries, and now works as a Tour Consultant with EF Tours.

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