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Cultural Hotspots to Visit on the Equator

Earlier this year Zagat published a short slideshow about the coolest cities that lie on the equator. Given that this is our namesake, we thought we’d share with you Zagat’s top three, which also happen to be part of or are near EF-friendly tour locations.

1. Quito, Ecuador 00°15′S
As the capital of a country that literally means “equator” in Spanish, Quito lies the closest to the equator of our spotlighted cities, at 00°15′S. Built on the ruins of an ancient Incan city, Quito was the first city ever to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Famous sites include the Santo Domingo monastery and, of course, the equatorial line, both of which are destinations on the EF Experience Ecuador tour.

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2. Nairobi, Kenya 1°17′S
Nairobi is Kenya’s biggest city, acting as one of the region’s most multi-cultural destinations. Venture outside the city center to visit the amazing wildlife at Nairobi National Park, hand-feed a giraffe at the Langata Giraffe Center, or check out the Kenyan art scene at the Ramoma Rahimtulla Museum of Modern Art. In addition to these awesome sites, EF Educational Tours Canada offers experiential and service tours around Kenya as well, giving participants the opportunity to really delve into the local culture, and work closely with the community.

3. Singapore 1°17′N
Just barely north of the equator, Singapore is among one of the smallest city-states in the world. Known for its stunning modern architecture, shopping centers, and thriving arts & culture scene, Singapore has burgeoned into both a major economic hub, and a popular travel destination. Feeling adventurous? If you wanted to see more of Asia – and were willing to move a little farther from the equatorial line – Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam are all short flights away from Singapore, as well.

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