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5 of the 5,000+ ways travel helps your students grow

Here at EF, we get to see the power of educational travel all the time. And, while we could spend days touting the ways it helps your students learn more about themselves, the world, and the impact they can make in the world—we’re guessing you don’t have time for that. So, we’ll limit ourselves to five of the ways EF tours promote student growth.


1. Travel is a major confidence booster

Ordering food in a new language. Traversing a new metro system. Ziplining through a rainforest. When students travel, they get endless opportunities to stretch themselves. And the best part is, the confidence they gain stays with them long after they return home from tour.


2. It’s a chance to discover new paths (literally and figuratively)

Traveling opens tons of new doors—not only to museums and restaurants, but to new opportunities. The discoveries your students make on tour can spark new passions, which could lead to future college studies or even careers.


3. Travel is a lesson in open-mindedness

One of the most powerful parts of travel comes when students meet new people, and get to explore both the differences and similarities in the ways they live and think. Students return home more empathetic—a trait that not only helps themselves, but makes the world a little better for all of us.


4. Students get to see lifelong learning in action

To teach lifelong learners, you need to be one yourself. And on EF tours, you’ll learn, grow, and explore just as much as your students. Plus, when your students witness your continuous love for hands-on learning, they’ll gain a better understanding of what that can look like for themselves.


5. They discover the life-changing magic of new foods

Okay, maybe this student growth opportunity doesn’t seem quite as impressive as the one above, but hear us out. Trying new foods gives students the chance to step outside their comfort zones, dive deeper into a new culture, and develop opinions they never would have otherwise. And if students can get all that from a little lunch, just think how much they’ll gain from the whole tour experience.




More into statistics than lists?
Fair enough. In fact, 43% of all travel lovers are.* So we’ll give you this instead:

Sarah McLaughlin

Sarah is a senior copywriter at EF Education First. When she isn’t writing, you can find her browsing through bookshops, trying to cook, or going to improv class (which is basically just an excuse for adults to play make-believe).

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