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Do you have questions about planning an EF Educational Tour? Below, we’ve answered some of the most common ones teachers have. Have one that’s not here? Well, ask away!People_0001s_0003__MG_4859_SnapseedWhat is a Tour Consultant?
Short answer: A person. Long answer: They’re the person who will guide you and help you bring your tour to life.

So they’re like my Yoda? My Mary Poppins? My Mr. Miyagi?
Precisely. They will help you every step of the way, offering guidance and support for everything—from enrolling students on tour to handling all the logistics.

Which tour should I choose?
So many choices! (Over 200 to be specific.) Simply browse tours or ask for recommendations from your Tour Consultant to find one that’s perfect for you.

I found a tour… when’s the best time to start?
Time flies when you’re planning the trip of a lifetime. That’s why most teachers start planning their tour eight months to a year and half in advance.

So how does it work exactly?
In between finding a tour and traveling with your group, you’ll enroll students and experience a tour before you go. For specific details, we have them here.

How much is it?
Depends on where you’re going, of course. With that being said, we’re dedicated to making travel accessible to as many students as possible. That’s why you get the lowest prices guaranteed for your students.

You’ve done this before, right?
Only for 50 years.

What are you not telling me?
Why pizza boxes are square when pizza is round. What you call a female daddy longlegs. Oh, were you asking about traveling with EF? These were just some answers to questions teachers have. But your Tour Consultant is happy to answer even more. Contact us and we’ll schedule some time to chat with you.

Sick of all these questions and just want to browse tours online? We’ll leave you to it then.

Are you still reading this? We have nothing left to say. Go on now. Carpe tourem. Seize the tour before the tour seizes you. Just kidding, that’s physically impossible. Or is it? Who knows with science these days? All this reading is probably making you hungry. Have you ever had tapas in Spain? Or a freshly baked pretzel in Berlin? Two words: amazing deliciousness. But what are we still doing rambling on like this? Okay, we’re going.

Did you go? It’s like when you’re on the phone and the other person says they’re going to hang up but then they don’t. And you go back and forth like, “Hang up.” “No, you hang up.” This is like that.

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