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4 Ways to Bring Your Spanish Class to Life

By definition, a classroom is a room in a school where groups of students go to learn. However, we here at EF tend to rethink this traditional definition. Who says learning has to be confined to four walls? Why not welcome any site of literature, government, history, culture or just any new experience as a real-world classroom? If you’re a language teacher it is probably safe to say that you seek out opportunities to provide your students with authentic immersive experiences. While there are countless ways to open up your classroom, here are just 4 of our favorite ways to bring your Spanish class to life in new locations!


Take a Cooking Class in Madrid

It’s impossible to experience a culture without tasting it too! Letting your students in on the preparation process will make them appreciate the fun part (eating, of course) even more!


Take a Tour of Old San Juan

Founded in 1521, San Juan is recognized as the first settlement to emerge in Puerto Rico. As students explore cobblestone paths, they’ll get in touch with the rich cultural roots of this nation.

Woman flamenco dancing

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Catch a Flamenco Show

Since developing in the 1700’s, Flamenco dance has been a staple of traditional Spanish culture for hundreds of years. From the vibrant costumes, to hip-swiveling and skirt-swishing movements, Flamenco performers demand your attention.


Visit a school in the Dominican Republic 

What is the backbone of any culture? Its people! Visiting a school allows your students to compare and contrast their everyday school life with that of another culture. Not to mention that school visits are the perfect opportunity for your students to practice their language skills!

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