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7 things that happen at an EF Summit

You might have a lot of questions leading up to an EF Global Leadership Summit. What exactly is a Summit? Who will you get to meet? What topics will you cover? And of course, what will you be expected to DO at a Summit?

First thing’s first: Summits are extraordinary events that combine educational tours with an annual student leadership conference. They’re specially designed to help students tackle and present solutions to significant global challenges. And they’ve put attendees face-to-face with incredible thought leaders ranging from Jane Goodall to Sir Ken Robinson. Sound good? We’re only getting started.

Hear our 2023 Summit emcees, Adrienne and Bella, explain everything in more detail:


Want to learn even more about having an innovative Summit experience? Read on to discover seven things students get to do during an EF Summit.

  1. 01

    Explore their hearts out

    In addition to a three-day student leadership conference, the Summit experience includes a specially designed educational tour that’s built to bring the Summit theme to life and strengthen students’ understanding of the topic. And to keep the exploration theme going, students also get to visit eye-opening destinations, tour iconic sites, and fall in love with new foods.

  1. 02

    Make friends, fast

    Student leaders from around the world come together under one roof to collaborate and learn from one another, and friendships happen faster than they can say, “Best trip ever!”

Students walking the halls of an innovative Summit and making new friends.

I learned to believe in myself, and that I am a valuable part of my community. I learned that I can make a difference in the world, and my voice has power, and I can use that power for change.

Student at the 2019 Summit in Davos, Switzerland

  1. 03

    Innovate like they mean it

    Part of having an innovative Summit experience is getting to prototype real solutions for real global challenges. And the winning ideas earn a place in the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm, Sweden alongside generations of Nobel Laureates. (Yes, really.)

Students having an innovative Summit experience, creating prototypes and presenting their ideas.
  1. 04

    See what they’re made of

    Summit attendees learn a lot about the world, and even more about themselves. They realize that things could be different and gain the courage to make their voices heard. Students don’t solve all the world’s problems at a Summit—but they learn how they could. Equipped with problem-solving skills, passion, and a belief in themselves, today’s students start becoming tomorrow’s leaders.

  1. 05

    Break it down

    Students come together to break down global challenges, and it doesn’t stop there. We’re talking snack breaks, brain breaks, and (most importantly) dance breaks.

How could you not love this? Give kids an inch, and they will inspire the world. This is what this conference is all about.

Teacher at the 2019 Summit in Davos, Switzerland

  1. 06

    Get empowered

    Like we said above, attendees are inspired by world-renowned speakers and organizations. Past Summits have included the likes of Al Gore, TED-Ed, and UNICEF. And of course, students are inspired by each other, too!

  1. 07

    Go grow

    From meeting new people, to public speaking, to innovative thinking, every moment at an EF Summit is designed to inspire growth. It might feel challenging, but that’s a good thing—because nothing grows in a comfort zone.

Students making friends and public speaking at an innovative Summit with EF

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