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8 Ways Travel Teaches You about Yourself

When you travel to a new city or country, chances are you’ll learn something you did not previously know. While you’re busy learning about new people, places, history and culture, you’ll also be learning a lot about yourself. This may not be as overt as learning how the Eiffel Tower was built, or learning how to say “thank you” in Mandarin, but it happens nonetheless.

Traveling takes you out of your daily routine and drops you into unfamiliar situations that are full of new adventure, discovery, and opportunity to learn about yourself! You may uncover a love for seafood paella, or a passion for ancient Greek history. Whatever personal revelation occurs, whether it’s minor or major, it happened because you allowed yourself to explore the world!

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1. Stepping into a new culture and reflecting on your own
It may feel overwhelming at first, but immersing yourself in a new culture is the best way to learn about your own. Like a fish in water, it can be difficult to be mindful of your surroundings until you’re removed from them. Being exposed to an unfamiliar set of norms provides you with more insight on your own.

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2. The value of an experience
While abroad, you’ll find yourself miles away from the majority of your belongings. Reducing the possibility of being distracted by “things” gives you the chance to invest more in your personal experiences.


3. Getting lost and learning to be a little courageous
Getting lost is an important part of traveling – it presents new challenges, and thus new ways of overcoming them. Plus, it can turn into a spontaneous adventure!


4. Gaining perspective and making new friends
Who knew you’d have so much in common with someone who initially seemed so different? You may find that the two of you are not so different after all!

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5. There’s more to who you think you are
Travelling with a group helps you recognize your individual strengths. Will you take on the leader role? Maybe you’ll become a compromiser, a navigator, or a go-with-the-flow-er. Either way, you’ll be introduced to a new side of you.


6. Learning to embrace the moment
By “going off the grid” and taking a natural break from your cell phone when you find yourself without service or WiFi, you’re more likely to live in the moment!

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7. Making mistakes
The very best way to learn.


8. Realizing you’re more resilient than you ever thought you were.
Maybe you faced some personal obstacles; maybe there were a few bumps in the road. Either way, stepping outside of your comfort zone is never easy! But hey, you did it. And now you can return home with unforgettable memories and a deeper understanding of yourself!

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