Back to School Fundraiser Ideas

Back to school fundraiser ideas - ice cream

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As we head back into school season it’s time to start thinking about everyone’s favorite topic–fundraising! Take advantage of the nice weather with some of these back to school fundraiser ideas.

Car Wash: It’s a classic for a reason–it works. Inexpensive and easy, all you really need are a few sponges, some soap, and students. The school parking lot is a great location to host your car wash, or you can ask a local auto body shop or bank if you can use their space! An auto body shop will have easy access to outdoor hoses, and an empty bank on a Sunday will speed up the line with their drive-thru.

Outdoor Movie: If your school doesn’t already have one, outdoor screens and projectors are fairly easy to rent. Pick a family-friendly favorite movie, put up a few posters around school and in around town, and sell tickets at the door. If you don’t have an outdoor area large enough at your school, ask for permission to hold your event in a public park (you might need a permit). Beyond ticket sales, you can make a few extra dollars by selling snacks or renting a popcorn machine.

Ice Cream Social: Who can resist ice cream on a hot summer day? An ice cream social is a treat for students, and a great way to make money. It can be as simple as grabbing a few ice cream cartons and toppings from the grocery store. You can also try calling a local ice cream shop to see if they are willing to donate a few pints!

Back to school fundraiser ideas - Soccer tournament

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Sports Tournament: Whether it’s volleyball, dodgeball, soccer, or whatever else you want to play, setting up a sports tournament is always a fun way to fundraise! You can charge teams an entry fee and give a small portion to the winner–or charge a few dollars for tickets. All you need are students (or staff) willing to play, the necessary sports equipment, and an open area!

Back to school fundraiser ideas -school fair

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School Fair: Requiring a little more preparation, a school fair can be a lucrative fundraiser. You can capitalize on back to school excitement and make a serious dent in your fundraising goals! Up your event quality by renting dunk tanks, bounce houses, or even full carnival equipment. Between the entrance fees, tickets for rides, and concessions you’ll be able to reach that goal in no time.

Need more help fundraising? We’ve got you covered. Take a look here for more tips and other back to school fundraiser ideas.

Editor’s note (2021): This piece has been updated for clarity, accuracy, and relevance.

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