Fundraising tips from a fellow teacher

Getting students excited about travel is easy enough. The tougher part can be funding it. We asked New Jersey Group Leader, tour planning master, and short-order grilled cheese cook Elana M. for her unique take on fundraising for group travel.

Living for the hustle of fundraising

I’ve worked the register at lacrosse games, walked out of Costco with more Pop Tarts than any person could ever eat, and yes, I have my very own industrial snow cone machine. As a teacher, I want to give as many students the opportunity to travel as I can—and give families some relief from footing the bill. Over the years, my students and I have developed a set of fundraising principles to live by. Read on for some of our favorites.

Supply the demand

At our high school, football dominates. That means fundraising at games is a no-go, since several clubs compete for the crowd. But there are other sports out there—namely, lacrosse and soccer. So, we set up shop: A card table, a griddle, and who knows how many grilled cheese sandwiches for hungry spectators basically paid for our tour to Peru.

It’s not a charity

Fundraising strategies that rely on donations without anything in exchange aren’t for me. Instead, I encourage my students to provide goods or a service. Every year we put on a yard sale, and it’s become a well-known event in our town. Students who bring items to sell and who help man the tables get a portion of the proceeds.

Embrace the small stuff

I won’t sugarcoat it: Fundraising can be hectic. But sometimes staying sane means embracing the madness, not fighting it. Keep yourself moving, keep yourself organized, and wait for the “this was worth it” moments your students experience on tour.

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