EF One on One

Travel-based learning:
A conversation between teachers


EF One on One is a conversation series between Group Leaders. A first-time Group Leader sits down with a teacher who’s led many tours to talk about their experiences and thoughts on educational travel with EF.

There’s something special about travel-based learning. You can tell by the way teachers’ eyes light up when they start talking about it. And it doesn’t matter if they’ve led dozens of tours or are planning their very first one. The benefits of traveling for students immediately bring a smile to their face and instill a deeper appreciation for their job.

In this video, you can see it in the wide-eyed excitement of Brian J. and Mary Kate M., who are currently planning their very first EF tours. They’re brimming with anticipation for the possibilities travel will unlock, both for their students and their own teaching.

Across from them are Bryan K. and Rhonda G., who have led countless tours over the course of many years. And they have no trouble at all matching the energy of that first-time fervor. As they fondly recount the moments and growth they’ve witnessed in students over the years, it’s easy to see why travel-based learning has become core to their teaching approach.

From parents commenting on total transformations to gaining brand new appreciation for a culture, the benefits of traveling for students have a lifelong impact.

It won’t be long until Brian J. and Mary Kate M. are sitting in the other chair, swapping expectations and anticipation for stories of their own. And while the perspective, and seat, might change, it’s safe to say their level of excitement will remain the same.

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Educator laughing and experiencing the benefits of traveling for students in collage with chairs from an EF One on One conversation

Jake Minton

Jake is a copywriter at EF. His bucket list includes (but is by no means limited to) snowboarding in Japan, exploring the streets of Nairobi, and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.