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Micro lesson: Visit the Berlin Wall with Alex L.

Give your students an immersive history lesson as they travel to the Berlin Wall with Alex L., who works in our Boston office now but was born and raised in Germany (and even used to guide EF tours there).

They’ll get a first-person perspective on what it was like to grow up in West Germany and visit family in East Germany, as well as what it felt like to be a German citizen when the wall came down. (Keep reading for a mini lesson plan that includes discussion questions.)

We think this video speaks for itself, so feel free to share it with your students as-is! We’ve also developed a mini lesson plan to pair with it, to provide space for deeper engagement.


After your students watch the Berlin Wall history video, share these three discussion questions with them:

  1. What was the most surprising thing you learned from Alex?
  2. What question do you still have after watching the video?
  3. How does this video change the way you look at your world?

Claudia Mihm

Claudia is a product owner on EF’s Emerging Tech team, which means driving innovation (the super-fast, all-in, “let’s build something awesome” kind) is a huge part of her job. She’s an educator at heart, too, with experience teaching young kids to code and building curriculum around different tech tools. Her favorite EF travel experience was visiting Davos, Switzerland to take in our Global Leadership Summit alongside students and teachers from around the world.

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