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Coffee is the same in every language. Okay, so that’s not exactly true…but the basic desire to enjoy a snack, sip a beverage, and chat with friends is universal. Whether you like it iced or hot, on the couch or on the go, the coffee break is a social ritual that transcends borders and caffeinates cultures. Here are five of our favorite fun facts about coffee (and snack) traditions from around the world.

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    USA: Iced coffee & donut

    For many Americans, grabbing a coffee on the go is a normal (and necessary) part of their daily routines.

fun facts about coffee: iced coffee
fun facts about coffee breakfast with biscuit
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    Brazil: Cafezinho & pão de queijo

    Strong, hot, and best shared with friends, cafezinho is synonymous with “welcome” in Brazilian culture.

  2. 03

    Italy: Espresso & biscotti

    Milky coffee drinks are typically enjoyed before 11am in Italy, but espresso is fair game any time of day. If you want to hang with the locals, better know your Italian coffee facts.

fun facts about coffee biscotti
fun facts about coffee cinnamon bun
  1. 04

    Sweden: Coffee & kanelbullar

    More commonly referred to as fika, this social snack break plays an important role in Swedish culture.


  2. 05

    Japan: Matcha & wagashi

    Following Japanese tradition, focus your tea time on mindfulness and connecting—not just caffeinating.

For more fun facts about coffee, check out this piece on different styles of Italian coffee or learn about Thai iced coffee (Oliang). And if you stumble (or sip) upon any other coffee facts, feel free to let us know!

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