Cultural Facts and Photos: The Berlin Wall

While traveling with EF Educational Tours in Germany, students captured some of the street art that still remains on the Berlin Wall. One of the longest surviving sections of the wall is the East Side Gallery. Spanning over 4,000 feet and displaying more than 100 pieces of art work, the gallery is an artistic representation of hope and freedom from artists all over the world.

In 1961, due to a 20% decrease in population and a weakened economy, the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) built the Berlin Wall in order to prevent East Germans from emigrating to the western side of the city, which at the time was considered an enclave territory belonging to the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany). Starting in 1989, a period also known as the Autumn of Nations, communist support in Europe deteriorated and caused several countries to disband from the Soviet Union. On November 9th, East Germany officially allowed individuals to cross the Berlin Wall, reuniting both halves of the city. Today, the Berlin Wall is an enduring mark of the Cold War and stands as an inspiring symbol of global citizenship throughout the world.

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