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For administrators: Travel with the best professional learning community in the world

Administrators work tirelessly to give their schools the best learning opportunities possible. And at EF, we believe nothing helps students and educators grow more than experiencing the world. With educational travel, students develop confidence and cultural awareness, teachers bring new perspectives back to their classrooms, and administrators can help members of their school district gain new professional development experiences and strengthen their growth mindset.

We could spend all day talking about our educational tours’ benefits, but we’d rather you experience the life-changing impact of travel for yourself. Enter: EF’s Professional Learning Tours—our international professional development opportunities meant just for administrators. You’ll connect with like-minded educational leaders to build networks around global education, strengthen your own global competencies, and discover the advantages of joining EF’s professional learning community. Best of all, you’ll return home inspired to empower the rest of your school and district to become more curious, open-minded, and globally focused.


Educators who are part of EF's professional learning community

Experience the professional development opportunity of a lifetime

As part of a group of 25 to 30 administrators, you’ll experience a 1- to 2-week tour in a destination like Italy, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Germany, Japan, or South Korea. You’ll focus on themes like CTE, STEM, leadership, service, and culture. These experiences are offered bi-annually through scholarships awarded by state administrator organizations, districts, or EF.

Get more details about our upcoming Professional Learning Tours. Then keep reading for more reasons to apply for these events, as shared by administrators who have already attended (and loved) them.

Members of EF's professional learning community on tour



Participate in nuanced learning opportunities

“Our collective quest weaved through the vibrant streets of Santo Domingo, the serene vistas of Puerto Plata, and the verdant enclave of Jimenoa. The tour’s structure was a model of academic design, marrying the Dominican Republic’s STEM aspirations with our professional and pedagogical goals, turning each encounter into a reflective learning opportunity.”

Demetrius R.
Special Consultant to the PA Dept. of Ed. for STEM and Computer Science




As part of EF's professional learning community, educators get to go on teacher-only tours to places like Berlin



Hear about history firsthand

“[During one of our activities in Berlin,] German citizens recounted the emotional burden of enduring the continuous presence of the Berlin Wall. Hearing these firsthand stories brought a vivid and personal element to the historical narrative, making it both compelling and unforgettable.”

Tamara W.




EF's professional learning community empowers teachers to learn about history firsthand


Build your global network 

“The fellowship on this journey was palpable. Learning from and with my peers was a stimulating part of the experience. Discussions with other educational leaders amidst the international landscape provided a rich tapestry of perspectives, enhancing the tour’s academic rigor and fostering a shared commitment to integrating global experiences into leadership practices.”

Demetrius R.
Special Consultant to the PA Dept. of Ed. for STEM and Computer Science


A member of EF's professional learning community participates in a Service Learning tour



Make a difference out in the world

“I had the most meaningful experience of my tour while visiting an after-school program committed to the boys and young men of the local community. Seeing the commitment of the teachers and directors and the engagement of the students was truly inspiring. Our work does make a difference in the lives of our students. As educators, we truly have the opportunity, and responsibility, to work daily to inspire our students and lead them to a better future. I saw firsthand how this was being done.”

Mark B.



Members of EF's professional learning community in Paris



Inspire what’s next for your community

“To my fellow educators shaping the future of learning, consider the EF Educational Tours Professional Learning Tour for administrators a profound professional development opportunity. It is a testament to the power of collective growth and the impact of global educational experiences. Additionally, I recommend that school leaders support students and teachers in participating in EF tours. This journey reminded us of the boundless potential of international educational exchange for our students, and for us as educational leaders.”

Demetrius R.
Special Consultant to the PA Dept. of Ed. for STEM and Computer Science




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Experience a Professional Learning Tour for yourself

Join us on a journey that promises to redefine your district’s approach to educational leadership and shape the future of learning in your community.

Meghan Schafer

Meghan is the State Manager of Educational Partnerships for Pennsylvania with EF Educational Tours. She builds educational partnerships with school districts and schools across Pennsylvania to build strategic global education programs that bring equity and access to international and domestic travel-based learning.