We Asked, You Answered: Eating around the world


What’s your favorite food you’ve tried while traveling?

Teachers who travel have an appetite for adventure—and authentic local cuisine. Some of our intrepid travelers reveal their best bites.


Everything in Rome!
– Audi W.

Steamed buns and scallion pancakes in Chinatown, San Francisco.
– Leo B.

eating around the world: San Fran

Candy-coated fruits on a stick. Small treat in Japan.
– Amy G.

Clam chowder in Boston!
– Vanessa B.

Bougatsa with honey and nuts on the island of Crete.
– Dawnelle B.

Raclette from a raclettehütte on top of a mountain in Switzerland. We ate outside. The hut was a cow barn during the summer and it smelled like it.
– Melissa V.

Best calamari I’ve ever had was at Clovino Beach in Greece. Also had amazing baklava but I ate it too fast to get a picture.
– Annessa P.

My kids liked the escargot in Paris!
– Erin P.

eating around the world: French escargot

High tea with clotted cream and scones in Stratford-upon-Avon.
– Vicky S.

Soba noodle soup in Japan.
– Judy H.

Pulled pork, mac and cheese, and baked beans in Nashville! Messy, but so worth it.
– Hannah B.

eating around with world: Nashville mac n cheese

Guinea pig. Wasn’t my favorite but had to try it in Ecuador!
– Moriah M.

Paella (with prawns, mussels, and chicken) and jamon y melon in Madrid on my EF training tour.
– Amanda T.

Gelato in Rome on a 2018 EF training tour!
– Lyndsay D.

eating around the world: ice cream

A dish cooked in my host family’s kitchen on a little wood burning stove in Luquina, Peru. I never did figure out what it was, but I ate every last bite and sometimes dream about it.
– Mike C.

Fish and chips in London.
– Tammy G.

Hot chocolate in Florence. It was so thick the spoon was floating.
– Dan C.

Best pizza I’ve ever had was in Arromanches, France. (Sorry, Italy!)
– Denise W.

eating around the world: pizza is a must

Moussaka in Greece.
– Heather S.

Shoo-fly pie near Gettysburg. The Amish make the most incredible baked goods.
– Adam S.

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Hannah Sheinberg

Hannah is a copywriter at EF Education First. She's written about kava culture in Fiji, Jurassic fossils in Dorset, and mountain towns in Mallorca. Her favorite vacation spot is Kauai, where she likes to surf and eat her weight in shave ice.

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