Favorite Fundraising Ideas: Talent Show

Can your student travelers sing or dance? Play an instrument? Lip-synch? Do yo-yo tricks? One of the most fun ways to help your students raise money for your upcoming EF Explore America trip is a talent show.


Rusty Sheriff/Via Flickr

So how do you go about organizing a talent show?

The first step, of course, is to make sure you have travelers who are interested in performing. Remember, performing can mean a lot of things. Singing, playing the piano, dancing, telling jokes, doing a skit, magic acts, clown acts, jump-roping, cheerleading—the list of possibilities goes as far as the talent and determination of your students!


Time to prepare: 2-3 months

Money up front: $0-200 (maybe more if you need to rent a sound system or lighting equipment)


1. Secure a venue far in advance (make sure it has all the necessary equipment, plus someone to operate it)

2. Spread the word at your school and in the community

3. Sell tickets in advance and at the door (we recommend $5/adult and $4/student in advance; $6/adult and $5/student at the door)

4. Include a variety of acts, but keep the show under two hours

5. Choose a student or parent to emcee the event

6. Have fun on the big night!

A talent show isn’t just a great way to raise money, it’s an opportunity to bring your school and community together and to showcase your students’ creativity, enthusiasm and performance skills. It’s a fun and memorable night that your students will remember forever—just like your trip!

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