Focus On: Hadrian's Wall

In northern England, just about at the modern-day border between England and Scotland, lies the 1,900-year-old Hadrian’s Wall.

It’s a Roman wall, ordered built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in A.D. 122. It spans the length of the island of Great Britain, which, at that narrow point in the island, is about 73 miles.

Hadrian’s Wall sat on what was then the outer reaches of the Roman Empire; it kept out the riff-raff from the north (namely, bands of raiders from modern-day Scotland). Whether under the watchful eye of a raider-killing centurion or a weed-killing preservationist, the wall’s structural integrity has remained a focus throughout.

The Romans built a number of forts along the wall. Groups traveling on certain EF Educational Tours itineraries will visit Housesteads, one of those forts.

Photo: andym8y via Flickr (CC license)

Topics: History, England

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