Commemorating Glen Keane’s art using VR technology

In Issue 05 of the EF Journal, acclaimed Disney animator Glen Keane surprised us with a story about Paris. It wasn’t the reason we invited him to speak at EF’s Global Leadership Summit exploring The Influence of Technology on Society; that had to do with his more recent work telling stories in virtual reality. But for Glen, all the risks he’s taking now trace back to then: when at age 40, he stepped out into the unknown and moved his family to France.

To commemorate that decision and all the places it’s taken him since, we asked Glen to draw Tarzan—the character he created over two decades ago while living in Paris—using VR technology.

Kim Hart

Kim is a writer and an associate creative director at EF. In a past life, she wrote about everything from online poker to deodorant. (She likes writing about educational travel better.) When not at work, you can most likely find Kim on the internet or eating cheese.

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