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Micro lesson: Creating sustainable change

One of our Group Leaders, Scott B., created this lesson plan to help your students learn more about sustainable energy. Scott is a high school teacher from Maryland, and has gone on three EF tours with his students. 

Grade Level: High School 

Subject Areas: Science, Technology, Human Rights 

Objective: Consider the impact of sustainable energy at the local and global level 


Engaging with William Kamkwamba

William Kamkwamba was a keynote speaker at EF’s Global Leadership Summit in Iceland. In this video, he discusses his process for building a windmill made out of scrap metal to bring energy to his community in Malawi, and his hopes for the future of sustainable energy.

  1. Ask yourself (and/or your class, peers, family) what previous knowledge you have related to Sustainable Energy Sources 
  2. Watch the video
  3. Reflect on how this story inspired you and what challenges you see as opportunities 


Research sustainable energy

Now, choose to research one of these energy related topics published by the United Nations Foundation  

  1.  Energy Access
    “Globalized energy access. One may think we have achieved that in our world, but over one billion people still lack access to electricity for heating and cooking. That is why this is one of three objectives for the United Nations Foundation’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative.” 
  2. Energy Efficiency 
    “Global energy consumption could grow 33% from 2010-2035. That means we better become a lot more efficient in the ways we use our energy! This infographic will help with some energy efficiency know-how.” 
  3.  Renewable Energy
    “Sustainable energy powers opportunity. It grows economies. It lights up homes, schools, and hospitals. It empowers women and local communities. And it paves a path out of poverty to greater prosperity for all.” 

 Using the infographics, answer the following questions: 

  • What is the main idea? 
  • What does the author of the infographic want the audience to take away? 
  • Is there anything that you would like to find more information about? If so, what? 
  • What pieces of data are represented by various sections of the infographic?

Understand sustainable energy locally

Now that you understand a bit more about sustainable energy, let’s reflect:

  • What types of sustainable energy sources can you find in your own community?
  • If these are limited, how can you make a difference by creating new opportunities for your community to become more sustainable? 

Bonus: If you’re feeling inspired, tell us what you can create that will make a difference in your community at [email protected]

Scott B.

Scott is a high school French teacher from Maryland. He has been traveling with his students since 2017, and has gone on 3 EF tours.

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