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Micro lesson: Grandsons of the greats in conversation

Want to make sure your students are still thinking about big questions? Share this video of Ndaba Mandela and Dr. Arun Gandhi as they discuss human rights and responsibility.

Both men were speakers at one of EF’s Global Leadership Summits in 2016, when students from all over the globe gathered to explore the issue of human rights. (Keep reading for a mini human rights lesson plan that includes discussion questions.)

Mr. Mandela followed in his grandfather’s footsteps, founding the Africa Rising Foundation, which helps empower youth to make change across Africa to build the world they want to see. Similarly, Dr. Gandhi is the President of the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, which works to eliminate poverty and promote education across India. Both men have strong ideas about what human rights mean, and about the role of youth in continuing to advocate for human rights and responsibility.

Feel free to share this video with your students, incorporate it into your existing lessons, or use this mini human rights lesson plan we’ve built for you.

After your students watch the video, share these three discussion questions with them:

  1. Did you hear anything in this video that changes that way you think about your role in the world?
  2. Both Mandela and Gandhi call us to take responsibility for the world we want to see. What steps, big or small, do you feel called to take to help build that world?
  3. Watch this video of other students answering the question “What do Human Rights Mean to You?” Then make your own video responding to the question.


Claudia Mihm

Claudia is a product owner on EF’s Emerging Tech team, which means driving innovation (the super-fast, all-in, “let’s build something awesome” kind) is a huge part of her job. She’s an educator at heart, too, with experience teaching young kids to code and building curriculum around different tech tools. Her favorite EF travel experience was visiting Davos, Switzerland to take in our Global Leadership Summit alongside students and teachers from around the world.

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