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Micro lesson: TED Talk template for students

ted talks for high school students having funWhen it comes to communication, having a story to tell is only one half of the equation. Luckily, TED-Ed can step in to help your students actually tell it.

At our 2019 Global Leadership Summit in Davos, Switzerland on The Power of Communication, TED-Ed schooled students on how to hone their ideas, communicate clearly, and effectively share their passions. The global education platform taught students in Davos, and now you can take those same lessons home with you.

TED-Ed’s Summit workshop leverages curriculum from their TED-Ed Student Talks program, an activity-based, skill-building course and resource library for students. Here’s a TED Talk template for students you can try in the classroom:

  1. Ask students to write down five of their favorite things and five of their least favorite things.
  2. From that list of ten items, have student pick the topic they feel they could talk about with ease.
  3. Have students pair off and share their chosen topic with each other and then share what they like or dislike about their topic, too.
  4. To wrap up, ask each pair to share what they learned about their partner’s topic with the larger group. Did they understand everything their partner was trying to communicate? Or were some things lost in translation?

team building ted talks for high school students

During this workshop, students get a taste of a TED-Ed course as they figure out their passions, identify meaningful topics, and effectively communicate them to their peers. This TED talk template activity can be replicated in classrooms, both virtually and in-person—and it doesn’t have to end there.

Find out how you can incorporate the rest of the TED-Ed Student Talks program in your school or community by visiting

Nataly Baez

Nataly is a copywriter at EF Education First. She’s written for universities around the country and about countries around the world. On her off time, you can catch this Florida native riding her alligator through the cobblestone streets of Boston.

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