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Our sustainable EF backpack packs a whole lot of good

Here at EF Education First, we understand the transformational power of exploring the world. Climate change, however, threatens the world and all of us who call it home, so we intend to do our part to ensure a more sustainable future for generations to come. While we’re doing this in a number of ways (read more about them below!), we’re especially excited about the personal item we’ve designed that packs more than just your on-tour necessities.

Our iconic blue backpack is also green 💚

By working with responsible vendors and using a more sustainable fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles, we’ve built a backpack that’s perfect for exploring and helping to protect the world. Every student traveling in 2024 will receive their own extra-special bag before they leave for tour. (And as you can see in the pictures below, travelers have already started taking these sustainable backpacks to Italy, England, Japan, and beyond.)

If your tour is coming up, encourage your students to use this as their personal item. In addition to holding everything they might need for the flight, the uniform look can come in handy when traveling through busy areas. The best part is, because this bag is made from recycled materials, your group can feel good about what they’re carrying with them out into the world.

An EF traveler wears EF's new sustainable travel bag in Italy

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Student travelers sport EF's backpack, a sustainable travel bag, in London

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Students wearing EF's new sustainable travel bag while exploring Meiji Jingu Forest

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A close-up shot of EF's sustainable travel bag on a student in Iceland

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A close-up shot of EF's backpack, a sustainable travel bag, on a student at the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Japan

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1/5 @anna.robsonn on Instagram

2/5 @ndavyy11 on Instagram

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The backpack’s great, but how else is EF working toward a sustainable future?

We’re so glad you asked. In 2021, we launched the EF Forest Initiative, a project to create and conserve forests around the world. In the EF Forest Initiative’s first years, we’ve been planting trees with Eden Reforestation Projects, a nonprofit organization that engages local communities in planting, maintaining, and guarding previously deforested areas. Eden helped us launch in Kenya, Madagascar, and Mozambique, selecting one site in each country to be an EF Forest that we sponsor and fund. As of January 2024, local community members have planted over 9 million mangrove trees on our behalf.

We selected Eden Reforestation Projects as our first EF Forest partner because of its mission to restore healthy forests while creating economic opportunities in rural communities worldwide. Eden provides fair-wage employment to local community members, hiring and training them to plant trees, build the infrastructure that supports them, and guard against illegal logging, poaching, and other threats.

Eden Reforestation Projects Update, January 2024

Help your student travelers make a difference

In addition to the initiative above, EF is proud to offer educational travel opportunities with a focus on sustainability. With experiences that range from Wildlife, Culture & Service in Rwanda to Supporting Sustainability on the Shores of Lake Titicaca to Culture & Service in Thailand, all within our Service Learning tours collection, we have something for every student who wants to get involved. (And of course, if your group chooses any of these destinations, they’ll be the perfect places to show off your sustainable EF backpacks.)

An orange tree farm plantation in Thailand, where students can visit while wearing their sustainable travel bags

Thank you for sharing in EF’s efforts to create a better world

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